Tree maintenance plays a vital role in sustaining the health of your trees and ensure reduction in risk to fell trees. Floods and storms effect trees in many ways, their effect is greatly influenced by many factors such as wind speed, wind direction, rain intensity and duration, location, water type tree species, age and health.

Trees can adapt to changing conditions but this adaptation is slow and may take many decades to occur. Storm damage can be very different to flood damage and one can occur without the other, although they will often happen together.

Trees in made or urban environments can certainly benefit from proactive tree care and soil management. Such work would significantly improve and maintain tree vitality making them more resistant to both natural and man-made events. Lightning strike to trees can result in large bark wounds, loss of vitality or total destruction depending on the species and weather conditions at the time of the strike. Once a tree has been subject to a lightning strike little can be done to improve its chances of survival. Lightning is very unpredictable but it is possible to protect very tall, high value trees with lightning conductors.

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